Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Who I take care of

I take care of many family members even if they are different cultures like I'm Samoan and Tongan I have to take care of my family.

My sister. she is annoying like always and she makes me angry but I still take care of her (trust me)

My 2 favorite cousins. they like brothers and they are always there for me so why can't I return the favor. We play rugby, basketball and heaps more of sports (the only thing is that I get tired after 3 shots of playing basketball and 10 seconds of running).

My nana and my nana's mum. they are both old but they are the reason I'm here.

The final one the most important ones. my mum and dad. they taught me everything like how to walk and eat but mostly eat because I was a HUGE baby.

Also every single one of my Aunts Uncles and cousins because why not also myself.

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