Thursday, 5 December 2019

The Last Tech blog for this year.

Hello. This is one of the last blogs for tech so I'll tell you what I did for graphics.

So my teacher "Mrs Ferguson" Told us on how to make a juice carton. we just needed paper to draw our designs and then after that we had to cut it. Then fold it like a juice carton then there would be a Machine that would make the paper flat so it's easier to hot glue and cut it. I made a juice carton named "bear" just kiwifruit flavor. My friend Sione made one called "apple bomb" and it's cool.

When I was done cutting my juice carton and hot gluing it. The juice carton looked like a cereal box just a kiwifruit flavored cereal box.

What I achieved is actually trying to make something then trying to get the internet password.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Who I take care of

I take care of many family members even if they are different cultures like I'm Samoan and Tongan I have to take care of my family.

My sister. she is annoying like always and she makes me angry but I still take care of her (trust me)

My 2 favorite cousins. they like brothers and they are always there for me so why can't I return the favor. We play rugby, basketball and heaps more of sports (the only thing is that I get tired after 3 shots of playing basketball and 10 seconds of running).

My nana and my nana's mum. they are both old but they are the reason I'm here.

The final one the most important ones. my mum and dad. they taught me everything like how to walk and eat but mostly eat because I was a HUGE baby.

Also every single one of my Aunts Uncles and cousins because why not also myself.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Kiwi can jam.

Hello, Last week Friday we had kiwi can jam. We performed on the stage in front of many parents and schools. My group practiced hard for it and we had to preform at Vodafone center in Manukau.

When we got there we had a snack like a nut bar or peanuts. After that we had pizza but not that much just like 2 or 3 slices and that was it. We sat on the top row so pretty much we were last to preform on the right and when we performed it was fun.

The 4 girls danced the there was a skit or a play where 2 idiots (I'm one of them) that take more than one cookies when there is a sign saying take one so pretty much we had to pretend our hand was stuck in a bucket and the avengers with Thanos tried to help us but couldn't. You should had seen Thanos when he clicked his fingers, he was like " oh no... where is it'' grab some paper and then throws it"oh no I'm disappearing'' everyone was laughing and I said "well this went from getting help to seeing someone disappear like he was doing magic" then one of the boys came back and said "man just take one" so we did......but I told him just to make the audience laugh" ah does it look there is any" they laughed and then he said that's not part of the play so I just pretended to take one and do the last dance. When we did the dance I heard my mum " GO DIEGO" my sister"yay.......why are we here" and that is what I remembered but it was fun

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Cybersmart (remastered)

Smart learners:
  • Maintain positive and supportive online relationship.
  • make smart decisions about how and who they interact with with online.
  • understand what to do when something is not right
  • know what to do when something goes wrong
Smart relationships and blogging 
Making connections and sharing via their blogs enable our young people to connect with authentic audience and provide a rich and engaging platform to learn how to maintain positive and supportive online relationships. We are also using our class blogging site to build powerful connections across our platform.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Halloween ( 1 day late )

Hello, I didn't go school because my sister was sick and she started to cough on me because I didn't shut her door to her room. So I stayed home with my nan and my sister while my mum and dad went work. My sister gave me a lolly bag for Halloween but I ate all of it till she came in and said " THAT WAS FOR HALLOWEEN" I was laughing because I said it wasn't till I checked what day it was and it was Halloween. Trick or treaters came by knocking on the front door and I opened the door seeing skeleton and vampires also zombies. Some I saw just adults dressing up as a baby so I just gave them some lollies from my sisters lolly bag while she was playing Fortnite with my mum because she can play it at her spare time. I heard knocking late at night like around 8 or 9 but it was late I opened the door seeing heaps of people and I mean HEAPS there was so much I gave them the whole lolly bag and my sister didn't even care, till she said where is my lolly bag and I was laughing.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Labor day

On Labor day also Monday I had a sleepover at my cousins house and I woke up with a blanket over my head like I was going to raise from the dead or be a ghost because that is the Halloween spirit. My older cousins came back from making donuts and gave me heaps and I ate it all in till I realize we were having barbecue and heaps of many other food types like pork, chicken, sausage and many more. When we started to eat everyone was eating like we were in a fancy house they were eating with knife and forks, I ate with my hand and devoring the food I had like 4 plates because it was that good. We were done so me and my cousin were back playing fortnite. Than I had to go home because my nana came to pick me up and she gave me a choice stay or go I said stay but I had to go anyway for school even though my sister was playing on my PS4  when I was trying to sleep. When it turned off I was so tired that today Tuesday 29th of October I am still tired from it.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Fire breaks out in sky city.

Hi, I'm going to tell you about the fire break in sky city even though it happened 2 days ago.

A major fire has hit Auckland's sky city convention centre.
A very huge flame engulfed the top of the building just after 1pm in the afternoon it started on the seventh floor before spreading to the sixth (just hope no one got hurt.)

The fire started in the roof cavity and it has been very difficult for the fire crew to get in ( I think the fire made them way to hot or they didn't want to risk their lives to get burnt.)