Friday, 25 May 2018

rhyming poem

This is a rhyming poem 

my little brother eat a lot
but he eats his food in a pot
my little brother hates me
because I don't make him tea
my brother plays his toys when he is actually too old 
and I gave a hair cut to make him real bold
his name is jack 
and his favorite color is black
he always say g
and he drinks too much so he pees

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The day I saved my first victim.

 The day I saved my first victim

Wednesday 29 May 1999

Hello my name is Coronos and I am a super hero. The first victim I saved was a man getting abused by two bullies, they would being staying this like '' this guy is a dumb give us your money now!'' said bully number one, so as they were going to steal and I came and fought them to save the man, one had a pistol and one had a bat. Bully number one tried shooting me with his pistol when he notice I threw a smoke bomb so I went invisible on them. I  attacked them and broke their equipment's and I just went where I was before standing there saying ''look at your equipment's'' '' what the heck just happened'' '' dunno'' said the bullies ''you have no equipment to use so you have lost'' the shopkeeper said'' thanks those bullies are very untalented"              

Friday 28 June 3118

Hey my name is Jacko I am Jason's brother but stronger and faster. When I  saw a man bulling a kid I saw that he had red eyes and blue skin and also long and sharp teeth. She was coming to me like she hated me and she came right at me with her ugly hands and legs so I just step a  side and she fell in the sewer so  starting to laugh.The little kid said '' thanks just to say who are you''I am captain making a man smell in a sewer man'' so I went to go to my grave and slept there for another 10'000 years.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

maori words:Awarua the Taniwha of porirua

I ate kaimoana for dinner have you had it
I climbed maunga it so high
I have a pataka do you
do you have te moana o raukawa   

I ate seafood for dinner have you
I climbed a mountain it so high
I have a storeroom/larder do you
do you have a cook strait

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

let's dance

We went to hip hop and we had a couch named Jess she teaches us moves for dance so watch this video and you will get it.Also hope you learn some dance moves from this video

Night light.

it's near but far...
The moon is only 380,000 kilometers from earth.That's four hundred times closer to the sun. But travelling to the moon would be like taking two hundred trips to Australia.Spacecraft take three days to reach the moon.If you had a jet propelled skateboard that do 100 kilometers and hour, you'd take six months to get there.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Road safety

This is about how to be road safe so take some advise from Frank,Ocyan,Nurul,Tyresse and I. We will show you