Wednesday, 21 March 2018

arguments against zoos- zoo debate

I am against the zoo because the animal wants to go to they normal habitat to see they family.
They can be bored and lonely.
Some zoos only want big animals like elephants and tiger [because that is what visitors want to see].
They can also torture the animals that is just sad

The amazing humans

The amazing human is a book made in 2017 made by Renata Hopkins on May it is about these three kids in a planet called zeelon where they try to escape to planet earth

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Commonwealth Games KWL

                     What I know about Commonwealth Games
It is like a Olympic with different country N.Z Australia India and the British
it is not they do lots of sports and every other sports

K: I want to know everything about the Commonwealth Games

Friday, 16 March 2018

Big bad brute :narrative part one

Once there was a man a human that was hit from a metal bullet.His body was getting stronger and harder he could break anything so he named himself the big bad brute also nick name bbb because his name has bs lets just get to the story. He was good he is not bad just because I said big bad he has some good in him so he joined a clan a mayhem clan where they save worlds from bad guys and monsters like three headed human with claws and a monster with 20 arms yes 20. He destroyed them all then the leader the villain king he had a army with horns that has really really sharp point of it only things horns verse metal of course metal wins. Big Bad Brute had a idea he would smash the ground and jump real high to make them fall in the hole but he fell in the and broke a horn of the hornka and Big Bad Brute found the leader.He took his railgun the worlds powerful weapon the leader said'' DON'T YOU DARE SHOOT ME I WILL LIVE A BETTER LIFE THAN YOU AND SHOOT YOU WITH MY SHOT GUN!!!!'' Big Bad Brute shot him and he had guts every and arms legs even the brain ewww right now lets keep going with the story so now Big Bad Brute found a way out to home now but he had to quick the power was going away. When he was home his whole family didn't see because he was died he didn't know till he saw his grave.part two is tommorow

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Describe a planet

  • It is a sphere that is that shape

  • It is small thats how big it is

  • looks like a orange or a apple and small grape

  • it is squishy


  • it has different country 

Monday, 12 March 2018

George the giant and powerful ape:narrative

Once there was a testing ape at a local science at L.A his name was George with the famous doctor named doctor billy. 
    It happen a long time 2148 friday 1 of april the doctor did something wrong he made the wrong potion he made a potion that will make George huge and rage and really powerful.

He help the doctor with a rocket that will make George sleep and George saw he stomped on him and he was splated and  guts everywhere but he didn't break the rocket.

The doctor shot it a George but didn't go down till he spoke ''I am the king of all apes now i will be gone to the jungle'' and he will go and destroy more stuff till he grew bigger and the doctor was now saying '' the worlds largest ape''.

till his leg got crush by a car from George throwing a car and he screamed in pain
George jumped high three times to the jungle and lived a fuller life          

How to make raw fish

Step one: cut the head of the fish

Step two: wash the blood out of the fish to make it not blood taste

Step three: slice the fish the in pieces and put it in a bowl

Step four: put in the coconut cream in and cut some onions and tomatoes

step five: make sure to wash your hands before you mix

step six: enjoy