Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Adverb poem - ANZAC

Sadly, soldiers die,
Sadly, families say good bye.

Sadly, they realized they were alone
Sadly, they wanted to go home.

Sadly, soldiers were tired,
Sadly, Soldiers got fired.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


A watercress can be found in shops and found in  Pukinui.

This is base on a story called watercress 

chararters: Humans mother piripi and the moari people Dog Scabbie

Pirpi ran off the bus and ran across the bridge and got home saying '' Mum I'm home'' and he took Scabbie for a run. Pirpi let go of the leash and Scabbie ran "Stop Scabbie Stop!!!" said pirpi

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Hero's Of Heaven

There was once a haunted place where a monster raise up and catchedaw the humans 
one human went in and he was not doing good it was a challenge.
One of the chair flew to his head and it cause injury it was horrible brains every where
This was in the in a place abandoned somewhere in L.S. Where you have unleashed every monster Slender man the three headed shark man and most dangerous one. Abyss with his weapon called Jenous it is a weapon with nails coming out of it  he was the strongest biggest demon created monster the demons ever created. The monsters went to L.S city made hell '' Destroy everything'' said Abyss.
Till Zeus Jesus and God they have save the L.S and they all went back to heaven to look to see if the world was safe


Cats the most popular pets in the world do you thing they are cute and fluffy but there are others
like Feral cats (wild cats) and stray(or colony cats) are petless they have no family to live but there a group 
like look at this kitten it is so cute you would want it too right

How to get to a new destination

How to get to the four square to the semi cycle where the basket ball hoop is 

1)Start at the four squares facing the gate

2)Turn left and take 5 steps

3)Make a right turn and take 18 steps 

4) you have made it to your destination 

I learned:

That maps guide us to where we want to go so I think we should use maps

Monday, 26 March 2018

How to get to my house from Ruapotaka

First: go out the gate to the petrol and wait till the signs out cross now.

Next: walk straight and turn left and walk down the hill till you find lots of flowers and a tree with not that much leafs are on it

After: go past the white 210 car and go just next door and you found my house it will only taken 6 minutes

Follow on iron tamariki-iron children

Iron Tamariki is a story where this kid called Mana on the start runs with his dad and sweated a lot (plus his dad is a  hippo)so his mum took him to a swimming pool and he was in a group called Orca and he was going to Napia for the race. 
He had trained hard till his dad found a book about Richie Mccaw. The next day mum picks up Mana from the pool and mum was in shocked that he lost a lot of weight ( so much his dad is gaining weight). The day it was the race Mana stomach felt like butterfly (nervous mode) so the story is about Mana the boy is going to swim for the gold medal