Thursday, 27 July 2017

My life

This is my life:when I was born in 2008 April 28 and they named me Diego Tuala Tagaloa and my culture is Samoan and Tongan but I am mostly Samoan but now I am nine I like it when I'm nine because I get money every time I find them and my mum give's me money because my sister spend it on a toy that she wanted but I had a lot  of money that my mum give me 5$ because I didn't spend it.
I find some coins that I thought that I had enough money to buy me a new game but I didn't.
When it was December 25 I got ready to go to Australia  that I miss my favorite   school  Rupotaka  because I missed my friends teacher and cousins but the reason why I have to go to Australia because my aunty had a baby that was born now that she is 2 I think she was cute that she can walk on two feet.
On January 1 I went back to New Zealand to get my uniform   ready for school.

                      That is my life

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