Thursday, 6 July 2017

First time at Samoa.

When it was time to go to Samoa it was great but I got nervous because it was my first time being in a airport because I haven't been to a airport.I went to Samoa when I was two because it was my auntie's wedding I cry because I haven't been so high in the sky before so I put my head on my mums lap.I got tired because it had been 10 hours  before we landed.When we land my nana's mum put us up in a car and we went to the wedding and I ate baby food that my mum give me it tasted like mango that I had at home before we came to Samoa. after that I cryed out loud because I wanted to go back home because I like it there better than Samoa because I missed my cousins.After we been at Samoa we went back home to our house but now I know that I am the sons that chief that is my dad I like him.When I growed up to nine all I can think of is Samoa now and my dad that is a chief

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